Developing people: maximising potential

Human capital is key to the success of any organisation – staff, Board members, suppliers, customers and clients all have an important role to play.

People need to:

• develop their skills
• grow in confidence
• learn how to make the most of opportunities
• be resilient in the face of challenges and change
• develop their potential to lead and inspire others

How I can help you

I have worked with organisations to enhance the performance and contribution of their people. For example:

For a major housing association: facilitating an Action Learning Set with managers to enable participants in a leadership development programme to embed learning and develop their leadership role and capability in practice.

For a major retailer: working with staff to help them to understand the company’s commitment to sustainability and develop ways of working to implement the vision.

For a mental health charity: working with service users to enable them to review services and recommend ways of improving them. Facilitating the delivery of training by service users to other service users.