I have worked as an organisation and management consultant since 1988. Since 2002, I have focused mainly on the business, corporate responsibility and human rights agenda. My role as a consultant builds on my experience of working to develop organisations which enable people to maximise their potential and contribute fully to society. I believe that business, alongside governments and communities, has a key role to play in creating a wealthy and sustainable society which enables people to achieve their goals, but that business also needs to address the ways in which it can damage people and communities.

Consultancy clients include:

  • Blue chip multi-national companies for whom I have worked on strategy, policy and implementation in order to address corporate responsibility issues both internally and within the supply chain
  • Governments and government agencies (at international, national, regional and local level) for whom I have worked on strategic and operational planning, change management and developing tools and expertise
  • NGOs and charities for whom I have worked on business and strategic planning, change management and management development

1. Approach to consultancy

I believe that a successful consultancy assignment has to be based on a clear understanding of what the client wants to achieve, what resources (not just money, but also skills, knowledge and time) they can put in, expectations of outcomes and any limiting factors (including for example timescale). The consultant can then work closely with the client team to develop a relationship based on trust and openness to ensure that the process leads to the desired outcomes.

2. Examples of consultancy experience

  • Major utility — developing a supplier assessment programme (looking at labour rights/environment/health & safety) and piloting it with three suppliers in China.
  • Sure Start — providing strategic support to enable a new Sure Start project to deliver services, including establishment of staff structure, service delivery programme, capital projects and financial systems.
  • International bank — writing a management primer for a major international finance institution for use with its senior staff worldwide.
  • Provincial government — developing strategic and operational plans with senior staff as part of a capacity building programme to enable major redevelopment of programmes and redirection of resources
  • International manufacturer — researching and writing a booklet for all employees on the company’s approach to corporate responsibility